Practice on G major Scale that will develop your intonation, sound, and speed.

Increase the speed progressively!

Μάνος Σκαλιδάκης

Manos was born at Chania, and took his first lessons in violin at the age of 8. He got his violin diploma in 2003, under prof. Dimitri Semsi (Excellent Performance and 2nd Award)

He has a Bachelor degree in computer science & multimedia from Technical Institute of Crete and a specialisation degree in classical violin from University of Macedonia. He is currently completing his Master’s Degree in traditional violin (University of Macedonia)

At the same time since 2002 he has been performing with various groups and orchestras in classic, traditional and folk music. He has participated in multiple concerts and studio recordings in Greece and abroad. Since 2003 he works as violin instructor in various musical schools & academies in Crete and Athens.

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